alphabet/ writing system wherein one character stands for each sound in the language.
ampersand/ ligature for the word “and” from the Latin “et.”
ascender/ part of a letter that extends above the meanline.
auto-hyphenation/hyphenation automated by software. (more…)

John Daggett | Typography on the Web | CSS Day

The 1625 square foot calligraphy installation could be the biggest yet.

Pokras Lampas is one of the most innovative and inspiring typographers out there. Based in Moscow, he has created work for big name brands such as Nike as well as embarking on personal projects that push the norm of the discipline. Here, he created a monumental installation that has taken our breath away.
“ThisCalligraphy project breaks records on the complexity and scale in the world,” begins Lampas. “It was a real challenge for me and my team. We designed a brush with an ink surface of 1 meter using four big brooms specifically for this event. We could’ve failed many times due to the rain and problems with the delivery of hundreds of liters of paint from another city.

Adrian Frutiger, type designer and creator of London’s street-sign font, dies aged 87

Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger, designer of typefaces including Univers, Avenir and the eponymous Frutiger, has died.

Graphic designers have paid tribute to his life and his legacy. Erik Spiekermann called him “the best type designer of the 20th century” while London-based studio Sawdust said that his “brilliance and influence knew no bounds”.


A typography expert rips Google’s new logo apart

In recent years we see more discussion about branding projects revolve around the typefaces in the new identity.

But in many cases the typeface designers are the last link in a chain that includes a client with a poorly defined idea of what they need, and agencies with only a superficial understanding of typography and typeface design. (more…)

The Gorgeous, Disappearing Street Signs Of Paris

This is no small loss. “When traditional signs disappear, the city becomes homogenized and less picturesque,” she told HuffPost. “A piece of history is gone forever.” (more…)